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Being yourself, always

Mani sul Cuore (Hands on Heart) is a new information project devoted entirely to breast health, wellness and beauty.

The project is based on medical-scientific content, in-depth coverage devoted to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, but also deals with insights on current issues.

Mani sul Cuore is an information portal(manisulcuore.it) dedicated to women, which aims to represent taking care of your body to be yourself, always. The site is joined by a Facebook profile, an Instagram profile, and a company page on LinkedIn to also reach doctors, surgeons, and other health care specialists.

The two macro-objectives of the social profiles of Mani sul Cuore are:

  • Promote the output of articles and insights that are published on the site, reaching the portal’s target audience (cisgender women of all age groups who live in Italy and speak Italian). Thus, the first purpose is to spread correct information and scientific popularization.
  • Secondly, the purpose of the social profiles (Facebook and Instagram) is to provide a space for target users to aggregate to comment on the site’s news and exchange opinions on the topics covered; with the intention of forming a community of women, for women.
Mockup Instagram channel Mani sul Cuore

How was Mani sul Cuore portal developed?

Where the project started

Mariangela Dal Pra, managing director for Italy at Polytech Health & Aesthetics, relied on Square Marketing to create a project that could help provide correct information to women interested in the health and beauty of their breasts.

According to Mariangela, the mission of the project was to provide women with the tools to be able to make informed choices for themselves and their bodies, dismantling the fake news circulating online; the brand vision was to reach out to women of different ages, to provide them with the tools to more consciously address choices about the health, well-being, and beauty of their breasts.

The first step in developing the project, after identifying the brand’s vision and mission, was to find a name andvisual identity, and then to define the values that would guide the entire project team.

The project name and brand visual

The name of the project was inspired by an image that is as simple as it is powerful: the position of one’s hands on one’s chest; as this gesture recalls the image of a woman practicing breast self-examination.

Self-palpation is the first tool available to women to “prevent” or detect breast cancer early: so the first meaning of the name of this project is to refer to the importance of prevention and awareness of oneself and one’s body.

The second meaning to be ascribed to the brand name is. emotional participation: “putting one’s hands on one’s heart” is an expression that means” proclaiming one’s good faith,” and the physical gesture of hands on one’s chest indicates appealing to one’s feelings and honesty when talking to someone.

Since the target audience of Hands on the Heart is represented not only by women of all ages, but also those of all ethnicities, it was decided to work on a color palette that would pick up all the shades of color that skin can take to represent theinclusiveness of the project.

To the tones of beige and brown, it was decided to match a blue that would echo the brand color of Polytech Health & Aesthetics and that it would contrast with the pink or fuchsia that usually connote designs dedicated to women’s health: it was decided to go against the trend to show how femininity and being a woman disregard gender stereotypes and that the brand wants to provide women with the tools to be themselves on their own terms.

In this regard, the pay off chosen, “Yourself, always” echoes the idea that the brand provides women with the tools to be themselves on their own terms and that women have the right to make their own choices in full freedom, but with awareness.

Cover used on Facebook page and LinkedIn company profile.
The principles that guide our work

Writing a web page that specified the brand’s values was essential to build trust in the brand and give it the right credibility and authority.

The principles that have been identified for Mani sul Cuore are as follows:

  • Transparency

All sources used to write the articles and insights on the site are carefully cited through direct links, author names or quotations to allow those who wish to do so to trace them back to the original news story.

  • Reliability

Mani sul Cuore team of experts is committed to publishing reliable and trustworthy news and insights intended to encourage-not replace-patient-doctor relationships.

  • Authors

Any information provided and hosted by Mani sul Cuore is written by experts in the medical area, science journalists, and qualified professionals.

The authors adhere to the ethical standards of their respective professions and pledge to respond to the principles of Mani sul Cuore to ensure accurate information.

  • Data, bibliographies and sources

The origin of information on Mani sul Cuore is always clear: explicit references are always referenced and, when possible, the original links referenced.

  • Financing

Mani sul Cuore website is an education and information project promoted and funded by Polytech Italia.

The portal does not host paid advertisements for commercial products or services.

Definition of the content

Once we had identified the principles and guidelines that would guide our work, we identified the content that would host the site.

To do this, we used SeoZoom to find the topics most searched by users on search engines.

Since the main search queries related to the topic of surgery referred to cost and before/after results, one of the first articles written for the site focused on this very topic, with an in-depth look at the problems associated with the phenomenon of “low-cost” cosmetic surgery abroad and a guide on how to consciously choose one’s cosmetic surgeon.

The article ranks about 90 keywords related to this kind of search and has resulted in Hands on the Heart having a featured snippet on Google’s SERP when the user searches for the query “breast implant cost.”

One of the macro-themes identified through the use of SeoZoom.

Search queries for the keyword breast implant cost
Screenshot of SeoZoom showing keywords with best ranking in Google SERP for the article Breast surgery how much does it cost? on manisulcuore.it
Definition of the content
Sample article on the manisulcuore.it portal

Within the articles, in addition to decorative images to make the reading more fluent, short infographics and animations have also been added to make it easier for users to enjoy the information.

Example of animated infographic on the manisulcuore.it portal

From site to community: the use of social media

Mani sul Cuore on Facebook and Instagram

As stated earlier, the purpose of Mani sul Cuore social profiles on Facebook and Instagram is twofold:

  1. They carry out the action of promoting and sponsoring (through Facebook Ads) the release of articles and insights from the site;
  2. In addition to being a hub of information, social profiles are also a space where users can interact with each other to share their stories and exchange views and opinions;

The scheduling of the social media editorial plan follows the release of articles on the site and the seasonal trends related to the topics (for example, in July and August three posts were uploaded regarding the article “Is topless sunbathing bad for breasts?”, while in September the article “Which sport makes breasts more beautiful?” was relaunched with two dedicated posts) to reach as many users as possible.

The brand’s visual was also applied to the posts, taking advantage of rounded graphic elements that echoed the lines of the logo and maintaining the colors of the palette.

The post creatives capture some of the most frequently searched questions on Google and are paired with a short copy with a CTA (call to action) that links to reading the full article on the site.

A friendly and conversational tone of voice was chosen for the posts, which makes even the most complex content accessible and helps to engage users and create a bond with them.

Where possible, the names of specialists (tagging their profiles) who contributed to the article have been specified, to reinforce the idea of reliability and traceability of sources.

In addition to serving as a sounding board for the scientific contributions of physicians and other health professionals, the voices of other women were also chosen to be heard: for example, at the Padua Breast Meeting – Updates in Breast Oncoplastic Surgery, 2021 edition, women who attended the meeting representing a number of associations operating in the area were interviewed, and they had their say by providing valuable contributions on the treatment front and life outside of hospitals.

In particular, content from other pages was chosen to leverage Instagram stories primarily to give visibility to other nonprofits or projects dealing with breast health and beauty issues.

Instagram stories also are used to create impromptu content in the case of brand participation in medical conventions or conferences.

ADV Campaigns

Target audience

Mani sul Cuore target audience consists of cisgender women of all ages (16 years and older), from all ethnic and social backgrounds, who live in Italy and speak Italian. In particular, two possible macro-groups were identified:

  • women who have body care and aesthetic medicine as their interests;
  • women whose interests include information and news devoted to breast cancer;

The goal of the campaigns has been twofold:

  1. The main goal is to grow page audiences (i.e., the number of likes on the Facebook page and the number of followers on Instagram) to stimulate the growth of a community;
  2. The secondary purpose of campaigns is to drive traffic to individual article pages;

For this reason, it was chosen to proceed only with Facebook Ads campaigns (leaving out LinkedIn), focusing on designing interaction campaigns on the two audiences based on the topic of the post, dividing the campaigns by placement between Facebook and Instagram.

The results of the campaigns carried out from July to November 2021

Users have responded very well to interaction campaigns: the average CPR (Cost Per Result) for single interaction is 0.03€, while the CPC (Cost Per Click) is 0.05€ with 1501 total clicks to article links on the site.

A total of 77,237 people were reached at a total cost of 366.71, with a total of more than 12,000 interactions with posts on both social media.

Overview of Mani Sul Cuore user acquisition with Analytics

Since we launched the site in May 2021, we have reached 7,415 users, with an average engagement duration of 50 seconds.

Analysis views Page title and page screen class from May 2021 to November 2021.

Among the pages that performed best: an article on possible complications of the Covid-19 vaccine after cosmetic surgery, the piece on cosmetic surgery costs, an in-depth article on exercise and cleavage beauty, and a feature on breast beauty and tanning.

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